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Horizontal Housing in Peru: a rising market that attracts investors.

Peru is experiencing a significant increase in the horizontal housing market, establishing itself as an attractive option not only for buyers seeking a new way of living but also for local and foreign investors due to its potential for profitability, flexibility in design, outdoor spaces, portfolio diversification, and stability in demand.

In this article, we will analyze the reasons behind this growing trend.

But first things first…

What is horizontal Housing?

A horizontal dwelling is a residential construction developed on a single level. Unlike vertical dwellings, it does not have upper or lower levels.

In terms of architectural design, horizontal housing offers flexibility and the opportunity to integrate common areas, such as parks or recreational zones, for the enjoyment of residents.

It is worth mentioning that countryside condominiums can also be horizontal dwellings, as they refer to residential units in condominium developments where owners share common areas and enjoy the privacy of their own living space on a single level.

Reasons why horizontal housing attracts the attention of investors

  1. Competitive prices

Horizontal housing in Peru has become an attractive option for investors due to its competitive prices.

These properties often have a lower cost per square meter compared to vertical housing or apartments. This cost difference has been highlighted by experts such as Arturo Yep, a renowned Peruvian architect who points out, ‘This is due to various factors, such as the lesser amount of necessary construction materials and the location in less congested or more distant areas from urban centers.’

The competitive pricing of horizontal housing provides investors with the opportunity to achieve a higher return on investment and expand their real estate portfolio without having to commit large sums of money.

  • High demand and a rapid pace of sales

Another reason why horizontal housing in Peru attracts the attention of investors is the accelerated pace of sales they experience.

These properties tend to have high demand in the real estate market, translating into quick sales and greater liquidity for investors.

The lifestyle offered by horizontal housing, with its increased privacy and space, as well as the opportunity to enjoy outdoor areas, appeals to a broad segment of buyers, contributing to the fast pace of sales.

«The growing preference for living in quieter environments close to nature has increased the demand for horizontal housing in rural and countryside areas,» mentions Jorge Loza, CEO of Ciudapolis, a Peruvian franchise with five real estate developments in different departments of Peru.

  • Common Areas and Sustainability: An Attraction for Investors in Horizontal Housing

One of the main reasons for the horizontal housing boom in Peru is the shift in lifestyle preferences.

Increasingly, people seek to escape the fast-paced urban life and desire to live in a more relaxed environment connected to nature.

Precisely, horizontal housing in Peru is often located in condominiums or residential complexes that offer common areas and amenities for the enjoyment of residents. These areas may include parks, pools, gyms, green spaces, playgrounds, and recreational spaces. The presence of these common areas and amenities adds additional value to the properties and attracts both buyers and investors.

The Peruvian franchise Ciudapolis has conducted extensive market research with the goal of designing condominiums that align with the preferences and needs of homebuyers in Peru. Through this study, valuable data from 227 surveyed buyers have been collected, revealing the most requested common areas by condominium homebuyers.

  • Pools and water recreation areas: Highly valued by 83% of the 227 surveyed buyers, providing a space for relaxation and fun.
  • Green areas and gardens: Approximately 72% of the 227 surveyed buyers prefer condominiums with well-maintained natural spaces for walking and relaxation.
  • Children’s play areas: Close to 66% of the 227 surveyed buyers consider it important to have safe and equipped areas for children to play and socialize.
  • Gym and fitness areas: Around 51% of the 227 surveyed buyers appreciate having access to exercise facilities and group classes without leaving the condominium.
  • Meeting rooms and social spaces: Approximately 41% of the 227 surveyed buyers value the availability of spaces to organize social events and meetings with friends and neighbors.

In summary, horizontal housing in Peru attracts the attention of investors for various reasons, such as its competitive pricing, fast pace of sales, and the presence of common areas.

These features offer interesting opportunities for investors looking to achieve a solid return on investment and diversify their portfolio in the Peruvian real estate market.

If you are considering investing in this type of property, we invite you to explore the techno-ecological condominiums of Ciudapolis, the first Peruvian real estate franchise, where you will find a unique combination of design, sustainability, and profitability in your investments.

*This data was gathered based on surveys we did to all our database customers

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